1. 歌合 乱舞狂乱 2019


    ミュージカル『刀剣乱舞』 歌合 乱舞狂乱 2019 メインビジュアル公開!出演者情報を更新しました

  2. GOODS


    Touken Ranbu:The Musical “Kishouhongi” Images of merchandise going on sale for the Osaka performance have been unveiled, and a new update for the Osaka performance is available!

  3. 歌合 乱舞狂乱 2019

    ミュージカル『刀剣乱舞』 歌合 乱舞狂乱 2019 プレイガイド先行販売情報を公開しました

  4. 歌合 乱舞狂乱 2019

    ミュージカル『刀剣乱舞』 歌合 乱舞狂乱 2019 出演者追加のお知らせ

  5. CD・DVD


    6th album released! Touken Ranbu:The Musical "Mihotose no Komoriuta"

  6. CD・DVD


    The jacket photo for the single “Kodou” was released.

  7. CD・DVD


    Update: The CD single "Kodou" (release date: Wed 9/4) will be available in its entirety via digital distribution.

  8. VOD

    髭切膝丸 双騎出陣2019 ~SOGA~

    An archival stream is set for Touken Ranbu: The Musical “HIGEKIRI HIZAMARU DUO PERFORMANCE2019 ~SOGA~”!

  9. 歌合 乱舞狂乱 2019

    ミュージカル『刀剣乱舞』 歌合 乱舞狂乱 2019 キャスト続報、公演情報の詳細、チケット情報を公開しました!

  10. OTHER

    The musical and stage play collaboration, "Touken Ranbu 2.5D Cafe,"
    will have a location in Akihabara, Tokyo with a grand opening set for Friday August 23, 2019.

  11. Notice about Inquiries Made During Summer Holidays

  12. GOODS


    Touken Ranbu:The Musical “Kishouhongi”
    Sales of original goods at Lawson/Loppi/HMV collaboration stores have been confirmed!

  13. GOODS


    The performer information and line up of goods for Touken Ranbu:The Musical “Kishouhongi” have been updated!

  14. CD・DVD


    Pre-order information for the Bly-ray & DVD for Touken Ranbu:The Musical “Kishouhongi”

  15. 葵咲本紀

    Live viewing Touken Ranbu:The Musical “Kishouhongi”
    coming soon to additional theaters! !

  16. 葵咲本紀

    Live viewing of Touken Ranbu:The Musical “Kishouhongi”
    Live viewing exclusive! We'll be showcasing cinema-exclusive bonus footage!

  17. CD・DVD

    加州清光 単騎出陣 アジアツアー

    Touken Ranbu:The Musical KASHUU KIYOMITSU SOLO PERFORMANCE ASIA TOUR Blu-ray & DVD release trailer revealed

  18. CD・DVD

    加州清光 単騎出陣 アジアツアー

    ミュージカル『刀剣乱舞』 加州清光 単騎出陣 アジアツアー Blu-ray&DVD 特典映像詳細を公開しました

  19. GOODS


    Touken Ranbu:The Musical “Kishouhongi” Notice regarding performance and line up of goods are now available!

  20. GOODS


    The merchandise for Touken Ranbu:The Musical “Kishouhongi” will start selling from the 13th of September (Fri) in the three official stores! !

  21. GOODS


    Promotional goods for Touken Ranbu:The Musical “Kishouhongi” will be sold at select Animate stores and 2.5 Zigen Shops starting on the first concert date on Saturday August 3!

  22. GOODS


    Touken Ranbu:The Musical “Mihotose no Komoriuta” merchandise, on sale in select stores starting July 27 (Sat)!

  23. VOD


    阿津賀志山異聞2018 巴里

    The Broadcast of two pieces from Touken Ranbu:The Musical series on the Docomo Anime Store!

  24. 髭切膝丸 双騎出陣2019 ~SOGA~

    Touken Ranbu:The Musical “HIGEKIRI HIZAMARU DUO PERFORMANCE2019 ~SOGA~” The music list has been released!