Sudden Decision—Kitazono Ryo will play Kogitsunemaru during the Tokyo Dome exclusive FM radio show!
September 11th—Nihon Unisys presents Touken Ranbu:The Musical × Yomiuri Giants Collab Nighter

September 11th, 2018 (Tuesday)—Touken Ranbu:The Musical x Yomiuri Giants Collab Nighter" at Tokyo Dome, Presented by Nihon Unisys
In a sudden decision, Kitazono Ryo will play the part of Kogitsunemaru in this special version of "Touken Ranbu:The Musical Radio", which can only be heard at the Tokyo Dome.
This FM radio broadcast will feature performances by Touken  Danshi cast along with Mr. Kitazono, a total of seven stars who will appear in the show.

We are currently gathering questions and messages for the men of Touken from those who purchased Spectator Goody Bags.
Selected questions and messages will be answered by Touken Danshi cast on the air!
(The question form will be sent to the email addresses of each purchaser. ※Accepting replies until September, 8th (Saturday) 6:00 p.m )

We invite customers who have purchased the Spectator Goody Bags
to definitely don their Collab Uniforms, and enjoy the broadcast with their Tokyo Dome limited edition mini FM portable radios!

※Mr. Kitazono will only be appearing on the special version of "Touken Ranbu:The Musical Radio" that can only be received from by FM broadcast within Tokyo Dome.
  Mr. Kitazono will not make any appearance before fans, including during the pre game performances or the opening ceremony.

※While it may be possible for those who have not purchased the goody bags to listen to the broadcast with FM radio receivers, some sets may not pick up the signal.
※This radio broadcast can only be heard during the game, within the limits of Tokyo Dome.
※This will be an audio broadcast


■ Touken Ranbu:The Musical × Yomiuri Giants collaboration event
[Date and time] September 11th, 2018 (Tuesday) 6:00 p.m. game start (gates open at 4:00 p.m.)
[Match] Yomiuri Giants × Tokyo Yakult Swallows
[Location] Tokyo Dome
[Event details (scheduled)]
1. Sale of Touken Ranbu:The Musical collaboration Spectator Goody Bags and Collab Goody Bags
2. Season-opening ceremony and performance by the Touken Boys cast of the Touken Ranbu Musical
3. Mini FM radios capable of picking up the Tokyo Dome limited broadcast provided (FM 88.8MHz)

[Collab Nighter Line-up (scheduled)]
Mikazuki Munechika played by Mario Kuroba
Iwaotooshi played by Daichi Saeki
Imanotsurugi played by Shunya Ōhira
Higekiri played by Hiroki Miura
Hizamaru played by Akira Takano
Izuminokami Kanesada played by Shotaro Arisawa

<Appearing only on radio broadcast>
Kogitsunemaru played by Ryo Kitazono


■Regarding the sale of tickets
Spectator Goodie Bags (ticket included) and Collab Goodie Bags are being sold through E-Plus!
Link to details on the E-Plus site:

■ Inquiries
E-plus / 0570-06-9970 (10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Giants game dedicated line)