We have officially released the cover art for Touken Ranbu:The Musical Shinkenranbusai 2018 Saijiki!
General reservations are being accepted at three official mail order companies, as well as bookstores across the country!

Our cover art has officially been released!
We are now accepting pre-orders from three official mail order companies, as well as bookstores nationwide. We are only producing a limited quantity, so please order quickly!
※For the photobook only. We are no longer accepting orders for the Live CD + Photobook option.



■Applicable Items
<Photobook>Touken Ranbu:The Musical Shinkenranbusai 2018 Saijiki
Details: Size A4 modified, 76 pages total, full color
Price: ¥2,600 + tax
ISBN: 978-4-9900889-9-6
Release date: Wednesday May 29th, 2019
Shipping dates may vary depending on the store, region, etc.
*Please be aware that these product details are subject to change. 

■Designated Retailers
《Official Mail Order Site》
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《General Stores》
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・2.5 Zigen Shop:(
・HMV & BOOKS Online: (
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※Some stores will not be offering pre-orders.
・Shosen Grande (
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・Shibuya Tsutaya: (
・Amazon: (
・In addition to the outlets listed above, there will be participating bookstores throughout Japan.

<For questions regarding pre-orders>
Please contact your preferred store directly for any details regarding pre-orders, availability, etc.
<For inquiries regarding the Photobook>
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