Will be playing at theaters from February 15!
Touken Ranbu:The Musical “Musubi no Hibiki, Hajimari no Ne” in 4DX

Touken Ranbu: The Musical “Musubi no Hibiki, Hajimari no Ne”, which debuted on Friday, November 9, 2018, in 4DX.
In response to the tremendous popularity, we've decided to add reruns!
Open to the public from Friday, February 15 until Thursday, February 28.
We are looking forward to your attendance. 
For information regarding screening times, tickets, etc., please refer to your theater's homepage.

<Participating Theaters>
1 Komaki Korona Cinema World
2 Nakagawa Korona Cinema World
3 Anjo Korona Cinema World
4 Toyokawa Corona Cinema World
5 Odawara Korona Cinema World
6 Ogaki Korona Cinema World
7 Fukuyama Korona Cinema World
8 Kokura Korona Cinema World
9 Kanazawa Korona Cinema World
※No promotional items will be distributed to attendees of this rerun. We thank you for your consideration.

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