For sale starting 9/19 (Wed). Notice of the full release of the CD single, "Kessen no Toki".

For sale starting 9/19 (Wed). Touken Danshi Team Bakumatsu with Tomoegata Naginata. The full release of "Kessen no Toki" has been decided.

■ September 3rd (Mon) – iTunes Store (Preorders begin 8/31)

Kessen no Toki (Type A) - EP

Kessen no Toki (Type B) - EP

Kessen no Toki (Type C) – EP

Kessen no Toki (Type D) - EP

Kessen no Toki (Type E) – EP

Kessen no Toki (Type F) - EP

■ September 6th (Thurs) – * Purchases come with a special bonus.
September 19th (Wed) - RecoChoku, Mora, and other major distribution websites in Japan
*The press exclusive version will be distributed. (Depending on the distributing website, the cover may vary.)
*The contents of the M card sealed in the press limited edition will not be streamed. We seek your understanding and cooperation.

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