Touken Ranbu:The Musical “Tsuwamonodomo ga Yumenoato” CD album going on sale on July 25th
Notification that the whole album will be available to stream

Touken Ranbu:The Musical “Tsuwamonodomo ga Yumenoato” CD album going on sale on July 25th
will be streaming in its entirety.

■ July 9th (Mon) – iTunes Store (July 2nd – preordering starts)
Preorder here

■ July 16th (Mon) – * Purchases come with a special bonus.
■ July 25th (Wed) – Recochoku and other major domestic streaming sites.

* This is the streaming of the standard edition.
* There are no plans for the song tracks and soundtracks recorded on Disc 3 of the First Run Limited Editions A and B
    to be streamed. Please make sure that you understand.

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