CD single "BE IN SIGHT" to be released on May 16th will be available for pre-order on iTunes

The CD single "BE IN SIGHT" that will be pre-released on iTunes on April 30th (Mon),
will be available for pre-order from April 23rd (Mon).

Pre-order Period: April 23rd (Mon) 0:00 to April 29th (Sun) 23:59
Track Title: BE IN SIGHT Press Limited Edition A–F
・BE IN SIGHT (Type A) - EP

・BE IN SIGHT (Type B) – EP

・BE IN SIGHT (Type C) – EP

・BE IN SIGHT (Type D) – EP

・BE IN SIGHT (Type E) – EP

・BE IN SIGHT (Type F) - EP

*We are not planning to release the track on M Card. Thank you for your understanding.
*On iTunes it will be described as Type A–F.
*The release time may vary slightly.


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