Announcing the start of Nippon Hoso's new program "Touken Ranbu:The Musical Radio"

Touken Ranbu's first namesake terrestrial new regular radio program "Touken Ranbu:The Musical Radio" will start on Nippon Hoso!
Touken Ranbu:The Musical's Touken Danshi cast will appear weekly as the main personality.

Program Name: Nippon Hoso "Touken Ranbu:The Musical Radio"
Performer: Touken Ranbu:The Musical's  Touken Danshi cast
Presenter: Hisanori Yoshida (Nippon Hoso announcer)
Broadcast Station: Nippon Hoso (AM1242, FM93.0 / radiko / time free/) *Kanto local
Air Time: Every Sunday 20:40–21:00 from April 8th (Sunday)
Email address:
Program Twitter: @toumyu_radio