Additional Theater Screening from Friday, February 1st!
Touken Ranbu:The Musical “Musubi no Hibiki, Hajimari no Ne” in 4DX

Touken Ranbu:The Musical “Musubi no Hibiki, Hajimari no Ne”, which debuted on Friday November 9th, 2018, in 4DX
Due to popular demand, we've decided to do a rerun!
You'll only be able to see it from January 25th (Friday) to February 7th (Thursday)!
There will be an additional screening location for one week starting on Friday, February 1st.
We are looking forward to your attendance. 

For information regarding screening times, tickets, etc., please refer to your theater's homepage.

<Participating Theaters>
1 Cinema Sunshine Heiwajima
2 Cinema Sunshine Numazu
3 Cinema Sunshine Yamatokoriyama
4 Cinema Sunshine Masaki
5 Cinema Sunshine Kitajima
6 Cinema Sunshine Aira
7 109 Cinemas Shobu
8 109 Cinemas Sano
9 109 Cinemas Tomiya
10 109 Cinemas Yokkaichi
11 109 Cinemas Osaka-Expocity
12 109 Cinemas HAT Kobe
13 109 Cinemas Hiroshima
14 109 Cinemas Saga
15 Forum Cinema Nasushiobara
16 Aeon Cinema Natori
17 Aeon Cinema Koshigaya
18 Aeon Cinema Chofu
19 Aeon Cinema Minatomirai
20 Aeon Cinema Shijonawate
21 Aeon Cinema Katsuragawa
22 Aeon Cinema Chikushino
23 United Cinemas Odaiba
24 United Cinemas Toshimaen
25 United Cinemas Toyosu
26 United Cinemas Kasukabe
27 United Cinemas Hirataka
28 United Cinemas Fukuoka Momochi
29 Earth Cinemas Himeji


※No promotional items will be distributed to attendees of this rerun. Your understanding is appreciated.

Please contact your theater for confirmation.