Information regarding “Touken Ranbu: The Musical The Story of Atsukashiyama”

- Doors Open

The lobby will open one hour prior to the performance and guest seating will begin 30 minutes prior to the performance.
*Due to the limited space in the theater, please refrain from lining up prior to the opening.  

- Running Time

Part 1. Musical "Touken Ranbu" - The Strange Tale of Atsukashiyama Performance [Running Time: Approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes]
Intermission (15 minutes)
Part 2. LIVE [Running Time: Approximately 40 minutes]

- Same-Day Ticket Sales

Same-day ticket sales available through the Lawson Ticket Service following the schedule below.
Lots will be drawn at the theater only for spaces available due to cancellations.
  See "- Info About Waiting for Cancellations" below for details.
  Same-day tickets are not sold at the theater. )


◆Explanation of same-day tickets
Tickets that can be exchanged at the reception desk for seats at the theater starting one hour prior to the show on the day of the show.
In some cases, adjoining seats may not be available and seats may be in temporary locations with poor
visibility. Please note that specific seat requests cannot be accommodated.
*Even after the designated number of tickets for a showing sells out, additional tickets may go on sale if there is sufficient demand.
  Your understanding is appreciated.


Same-day tickets available starting

Sat., May 21, 2016, 10:00 AM


How to purchase same-day tickets

Lawson Ticket Service Tickets for each showing are available until 10:00 PM the day before the showing.
 L code: Tokyo showing 32225; Osaka showing 52221; Kyoto showing 52224
In-store purchases
Available for purchase through Loppi in Lawson and Ministop stores.
On-line reservations
Prior registration (free of charge) required for PC/mobile purchases
*Please be sure to exchange your voucher before it expires.
*After making a reservation, receive a same-day ticket at Lawson or Ministop and
  bring it to the theater reception desk.
  Please be aware that you will not be able to enter the theater without a ticket.
*Ticket purchases are limited to one per person.
*Telephone reservations are not accepted.


Waiting List Information

Waiting listing explanation

Guests on the waiting list are allowed to line up at the theater and may be able to buy a ticket and enter
if seating is available.
In some cases, seating may not be available. Your understanding is
Guests on the waiting list, and their position on the list, will be decided by lottery.

*The lottery process and the distribution of lottery tickets may change due to safety measures necessary at the theater.

Lottery Process

1. On each occasion, lottery tickets will be distributed to guests lined up at the theater 1 hour 40 minutes before the show.
*One lottery ticket will be handed out per person for those without tickets for that show

 (Please note that only those present at the specified time can be accommodated.)
1:00 PM Show --> Those who line up by 11:20 AM
2:00 PM Show --> Those who line up by 12:20 PM
6:00 PM Show --> Those who line up by 4:20 PM
7:00 PM Show --> Those who line up by 5:20 PM

The process is not first-come first-served. Please arrive 1 hour 40 minutes before your desired showing.
  Please refrain from lining up early.
*After the lottery, additional lottery tickets may be handed out if there is a surplus.
  Guests who already participated in the first lottery will be first in line for the second lottery.
  Those with lottery tickets will be asked to line up in the order of their lottery tickets.
*Guests are asked not to wait over night, cut in line, or line up more than once in order to receive multiple tickets. Guests who already have tickets
  are asked not to line up. Guests are also asked not to bring other people who do not intent to buy tickets but are used to increase one's chances in the
  lottery. If such conduct is noticed, entry will be declined for the guest in question.

2. Results of the lottery will be announced 50 minutes before the show.
Results will be posted in front of the theater (please ask for the exact location at the theater). 

3. Those selected in the lottery are asked to line up in their announced order 20 minutes before the show.
Tickets will be sold only when seats are available.
Please be aware that in some cases seats will not be available.

*Guests who are not at the theater 20 minutes before the show forfeit their position.
  Guests who arrive late will be asked to take a place at the end of the line.
  Your understanding is appreciated.
*If seating is available, ticket fees can be paid at the reception desk.
  Only cash (not credit) is accepted.
*The number of available seats is different for each showing. Adjoining seats may not be available.
  Some seats may also have poor visibility, may be temporary seats, or may be standing seats. Please be aware that you cannot select specific seats.
*You may not be able to go to your seats until just before the opening curtain. Your understanding is appreciated.
*If two or more guests would like to be on the waiting list together,
  they must use the lower of their two positions on the waiting list.
  Even in these cases, adjoining seats may not be available.
  Additionally, seats for the number in your party may also not be available.

*Lottery tickets will only be handed out to those who do not already have tickets for the show.
*Lottery tickets cannot be transfered, sold, or duplicated.
*One lottery ticket is allowed per person. Only the recipient can use the ticket.
*Guests will multiple lottery tickets, regardless of the reason, will have their tickets invalidated. Please handle your ticket carefully.
*Lost tickets cannot be replaced. If you do not have your ticket but are selected in the lottery, your selection will be invalidated.

*Aside from the above precautions, the operator has the discretion to invalidate lottery tickets or deny entry to any party if suspicious activity is suspected.

Guests using e-tickets (tixeebox).

Guests who selected e-tickets (tixeebox) at the time of purchase should prepare the following when they come to the theater.
 Install the tixeebox app and register --> please see the following if you are unclear
about how to receive your tickets.


Information on installing and registering to use tixeebox.
Receive tickets here

Guests with e-tickets are asked to entry through a special entrance.
When entering, please have your ticket showing on your smartphone.

*Guests with multiple tickets are asked to use the "send" function to send tickets to the others in their party, or to please come to the reception desk as a group.
*If your smartphone battery is dead, your ticket will not be readable.
  Phone chargers are not lent out at the theater.
*You may not be able to enter the theater by the time of the show if you have not downloaded and registered tixeebox in order to used your e-ticket. Thank you for your understanding.
*You will not be able to enter the theater if your e-ticket cannot be confirmed.

[Inquiries on using tixeebox]
If you have any questions, please be sure to inquire ahead of time.
(*Please contact the organizer for any inquiries (such as the venue, the content of the show, etc.) that are not about e-tickets.)
Inquiry number: 03-4590-7633(Daily 10:00 - 7:00)

Issues involving lost tickets

Tickets cannot be reissued for any reason, including lost or stolen tickets.
Please take all necessary precautions.
[Please make sure you have the correct ticket when coming to the theater.]
You will not be able to see the show if you arrive on the wrong date or forget to bring your ticket.
Please double check the date and time on your ticket before coming to the theater.


Guests using wheelchairs

In order to ensure smooth guidance to your seat, please contact the theater after you purchase your ticket
and before the day of the show.
(Any individuals attending with the wheelchair user will also need a ticket. )
[Contact] Nelke Planning Tel: : 03-3715-5624 (Weekdays 11:00 - 6:00)


Goods for sale

[Tokyo show: Sales venue/time]

Available for purchase even if you do not have a ticket for the show.
From 2 hours prior to the show until the end of the show.
*Sales continue between afternoon and evening shows.
*All items are on sale.

Product sales are only for ticket holders.
From one hour prior to the show until the end of the show.
*Sales do not take place between afternoon and evening shows.
* 'Gacha' items are only on sale during intermission.

*Details will be provided later regarding sales at Osaka and Kyoto shows.

-- Lineup of official goods --


Show pamphlets: 2,000 yen (incl. tax)
Size: 44 size-A4 pages



Tohken Danshi(1 costume)3 piece set × 6 types: 500 yen each (incl. tax)
1. Mikazuki Munechika (played by Kuroba Mario) 2. Kogitsunemaru (played by Sakiyama Tsubasa)
4. Iwatooshi (played by Saeki Daichi) 5. Imanotsurugi (played by Ohira Shunya) 6. Kashu Kiyoaki (played by Sato Ryuji)

Tohken Danshi(2 costumes)3 piece set × 6 types: 500 yen each (incl. tax)
1. Mikazuki Munechika (played by Kuroba Mario) 2. Kogitsunemaru (played by Sakiyama Tsubasa)
4. Iwatooshi (played by Saeki Daichi) 5. Imanotsurugi (played by Ohira Shunya) 6. Kashu Kiyomitsu (played by Sato Ryuji)

Bromide 1 piece, 6 types: 3,000 yen (incl. tax)

Bromide 2 pieces, 6 types: 3,000 yen (incl. tax)

Benkei, Yoritsune, Yoritomo, Yasuhira 4 piece set x 1 type: 600 yen (incl. tax)
Musashibo Benki (played by Tanaka Shigemi), Minamoto Yoritsune (played by Araki Kentaro)
Minamoto Yoritomo (played by Okuno Masaaki), Fujiwara Yasuhira (played by Kako Rion)

★Pen light with Kando strap: 2,500 yen (tax incl.)
Specs: 6 color variations



★ Clear file folder [3-piece set]: 1,000 yen (tax incl.)
Size: A4


★Ticket case [6 styles]: 1,800 yen each (tax incl.)


★Hair scrunchy [6 styles total]: 900 yen each (tax incl.)


★'Gacha' [30 varieties] : 500 per turn (tax incl.)
Sakura-shaped pin badges (12 types)

Metallic badges (12 types)

Acrylic mirror key chains (6 types)



★Shopping bag: 500 yen (tax incl.)
Size: 33 cm wide x 10 cm deep x 27 cm tall


★DVD & Blu-ray reservations
Release Date: Planned for Sat., September 24, 2016
Price: Blu-ray, 8,500 yen + tax (1 DVD)
DVD: 7,500 + tax (2 DVDs)
Includes: Main Feature + Bonus Footage
*Blu-ray and DVD contain the same footage.
Bonus incentive for reservations made at the theater: 2 costume-stage photos (6 photo set)
*Bonus includes 1 gift per item ordered.
Seller: Euclid Music Entertainment

*600 yen in shipping will also be charged for reservations made at the goods booth.
*Only cash is accepted at the "Touken Ranbu the Musical" booth. Thank you for your understanding.
*Please see the site below for on-line reservations and sales.

Euclid Music Entertainment

Also on sale: single CD Touken Ranbu limited editions A-F, preview show pamphlets, DVDs, etc. from previous sales.

Information about official goods images
Announcements will follow on the official website.

Official homepage(

[Important Precautions]
Lining up for the show overnight is prohibited.
Wait for instructions from the staff before lining up to purchase promotional products.
Guests are not allow to form lines on their own.
Sales will end when supplies run out.
If you notice a defect in an item, please tell the staff on the same day of purchase.
Please be advised that absolutely no returns, exchanges, or refunds will be allowed.
The products for sale on the day of the show are subject to change. Thank you for your understanding.
Please be sure to check the items you have purchased before leaving the venue.

Information about flowers

Due to space limitations, only those involved with the production are allowed to bring flowers.
Please note that not all flowers may be on display in the lobby due to space limitations.
You understanding is appreciated.
*Upright flower bouquets and arrangements cannot be accepted from the general audience.
  Please also do not mail any flowers.
  Again, your understanding is appreciated.


<flowers from involved production the those with>

[Tokyo show] Flowers must arrive by Thur., May 26, from 10:00-noon
[Osaka show] Flowers must arrive by Thur., June 16, from 10:00-noon
[Kyoto show] Flowers must arrive by Thur., June 23, from 10:00-noon


Information about presents

Presents, letters, etc. will be accepted in the lobby.
*Beverages and perishable food cannot be accepted as presents.
*Please understand that your present may not be given to the actor on the same day as the performance.


Fan items for the afternoon show

At the afternoon show, glow sticks, pen lights, and similar fan items are allowed.
Your participation is warmly encouraged.
Please observe the rules and enjoy the performance.


[Further notices about fan items]

We have received many inquiries about different types of fan items.
Only the following types of fan items are allowed.
Glow sticks/pen lights up to 30 cm long (up to 6 per person)
Uchiwa fans/folding fans no larger than 30 cm (not including the handle), 1 fan per person
Please do not bring any boards or signs or fans that are over the size
  limits or that have been otherwise enhanced.
*Fan items and similar goods should be held close to your chest.
  Please refrain from waving these items over your head, etc., which is inconsiderate toward other spectators.


Prohibitions and precautions at the theater

Video and photographs from inside the theater, including the spectator seating areas, may be used for live streaming, DVD recording, and other purposes. Your understanding is appreciated.
Please turn off your mobile phone and any other devices with alarms, etc. during the show.
Conversing and/or shouting during the show (including shouting the names of performers)
 is inconsiderate of other spectators and we ask that you refrain from such activity.
Taking pictures, video, or audio recordings with cameras, cellular phones, etc. inside the theater
 is strictly prohibited. These forms of conduct are prohibited by law. 
Please be considerate of our neighbors and do not block traffic around the theater.
 In particularly, please refrain from loitering around the theater before and after the show.


The show will be interrupted if the above precautions are not heeded.
Disruptive guests will be asked to leave. Your understanding and cooperation are sincerely appreciated.