髭切膝丸 双騎出陣2019 ~SOGA~

Announcement of the start of pre-order sales for Touken Ranbu:The Musical “HIGEKIRI HIZAMARU DUO PERFORMANCE2019” on Blu-ray and DVD

■Title: Touken Ranbu:The Musical “HIGEKIRI HIZAMARU DUO PERFORMANCE2019”

■ Blu-ray & DVD - Pre-order at the theater or online.  

Starting from 6/18 (Tues) at 1:00 P.M., Blu-ray and DVD copies can be pre-ordered through three official online stores.

Online pre-order: 6/18 (Tues) 1:00 P.M. to 11/11 (Mon) 11:59 P.M.
* Information about theater pre-orders will be released at a later date.

■ Release Date: Scheduled for February 12th, 2020 (Wed)

B D: 8,500 JPY + tax [EMPB-5007]
DVD : 7,500 JPY + tax [EMPV-5007]

■ Details: Original version + bonus footage
Bonus footage: Panoramic footage/ back-stage footage, and more.
* Both the blu-ray and the DVD feature the same content.
*Content, details, title, etc. are subject to change.

■Pre-order bonus
Bonus for on-site pre-orders and pre-orders made through the three official online sites: stage photograph set (6 L size photos)
* 1 gift set per product. 

■ Period to receive pre-order bonus : 6/18 (Tues) 1:00 P.M. to 11/11 (Mon) 11:59 P.M. * Theater pre-order corresponds to sale period.

■ Distributor: Euclid Agency

- Theater Pre-order -
* A separate shipping fee of 700 JPY will be charged for pre-orders made at the theater sales booth.
  The theater sales booth accepts cash only. Thank you for your understanding.
  Theater pre-orders follow the schedule for sales of show goods.

- Official Online Ordering -
* The period for receiving the pre-order bonus is until 11/11 (Mon) at 11:59 P.M.
*Please note that the online sales site may become slow due to heavy traffic at the start of the pre-order period and on the final day.
  *There is no limit on the number of copies available during the pre-order period, so if you experience connection problems, please wait some time and try again within the reservation period.
* Orders can still be placed after November 12th, 2019 (Tues), but items will be shipped in order of purchase.
  Please note that in some cases, the product may not arrive on the release date.
*After the end of the pre-order period, bonus items will not be included. Thank you for your understanding.
* We aim to ensure that customers who made purchases during the pre-order period will receive their merchandise on the day of release. (Some regions and remote islands are excluded.) 

*Please see the official home page regarding online pre-orders and sales.

■ Touken Ranbu: The Musical - Official Online Store

■ official online store
Touken Ranbu:The Musical “HIGEKIRI HIZAMARU DUO PERFORMANCE2019” Blu-ray

* The product page will become available once the online pre-order period begins.

■ Silkroad Store

- Questions regarding online sales -
Please address questions to the respective online retailer.
- Questions regarding DVDs -
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