The release date for Touken Ranbu:The Musical “Mihotose no Komoriuta” Blu-ray &DVD has been announced

■Title: Touken Ranbu:The Musical “Mihotose no Komoriuta”

■ Reservation period

In theaters: Saturday, January 19th 12:00P.M. ~ *In accordance with the sales time of each theater
Orders from three official online retailers: Available Saturday, January 19th 12:00P.M. until Sunday, May, 26th 11:59P.M.

■Release date: October 16, 2019 (Wednesday)

■Retail price:

BD: 8,500 yen + tax [EMPB-5004]
DVD: 7,500 yen + tax [EMPV-5004]

■Recorded content

[Main video + bonus footage]

*Both the blu-ray and the DVD feature the same content. 

■Pre-order bonus

Theater: A collection of six photographs(battle ver.)
From three official online retailers: a collection of six photographs (live ver.)

*Pre-order bonuses are available for customers who pre-order through the official site's store,, or the Silkroad Store.

This applies to customers who pre-order. (The bonuses are the same for the three companies)
*One gift per item purchased. 

■Period for Pre-order bonuses:

Theaters: Saturday, January 19th 12:00P.M. ~ May, 26th 11:59P.M. ※ Orders are no longer being taken


*Reservations at the theater's sales booth will include a 700 yen shipping and handling fee.
*In addition, only cash is accepted at the theater's sales booth. Thank you for your understanding.
Theater reservations conform to the performance's sales schedule. 

The period for pre-order bonuses lasts until Sunday, May 26th 11:59P.M.
*Right after the start of the pre-order period, and on the last day of the pre-order period, the online stores may be crowded.
* There is no limit of orders during the pre-order period, so if you have connection problems, please wait a few moments and try to order again within the pre-order period.

*You can continue to make your pre-orders after Monday, May 27th, but shipments will be done sequentially.
Please be informed that in some cases, the product may not arrive on the release date.

* After the online pre-order period, the special feature items will not be included. Thank you for your understanding.
* We aim to ensure that customers who have purchased during the pre-order period will receive their merchandise on the day of release. (Excluding certain areas and remote islands)
*Please see the official site home page for online pre-orders and sales. 

■Touken Ranbu:The Musical - Official Online Retailer

■ - Official Online Retailer

Touken Ranbu:The Musical “Mihotose no Komoriuta” Blu-ray

Touken Ranbu:The Musical “Mihotose no Komoriuta” DVD

* The product page will be available once the online reservation period begins.


■silkroad store

Questions regarding online sales
Please address questions to the respective online stores.


Questions about the Blu-ray and DVD
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